Private Equity Investments

GMS Capital Partners LLC’s private equity team is focused on making private equity investments in growth oriented, high potential middle markets companies, primarily in North America. We create value by bringing world-class strategic, operational and financial resources of our global network to our portfolio companies. We partner and align with management teams to enhance value for our investors and managers.

Investments Criteria
Sector Focus

Growth-oriented Middle Market and Lower Middle Market opportunities in North America

Industry Focus

Existing strategic platforms including: pharma/life sciences, telecom, real estate, specialized contracting, energy/oil & gas and agribusiness
Opportunistic: sector agnostic, with preference for industries that are resilient, asset-backed, cash-generative with identifiable growth potential (organic, add-on acquisitions) e.g., infrastructure, industrials, business services, consumer

Hold Period

Ability to hold assets on a long term basis without the need/pressure to exit

Will consider exits when they make sense or when a priority for our partners

Ownership & Activism

Seek control or minority with influence (Board)

Transaction Size

Implied EV $10mm – $100mm

Ability to execute larger transactions through our portfolio companies or with our partners


Preference for having a partner and/or management team identified, especially in “Opportunistic” transactions where we don’t have the support of a strategic platform

Transaction Type

Buyouts, growth equity, carve-outs, Real Assets

Will consider debt/mezzanine investments that offer equity-like returns

Our Advantages
Flexible source of capital, providing ability to invest patient, operationally-minded long-term capital

– Long-term, patient capital (no “stop-watch” associated with traditional PE structures)
– Flexibility to provide short-term capital solutions
– Institutional and family-oriented investor

Partnership-oriented; nimble, decisive and cooperative

Ability to move quickly for the right opportunity.

Two Way investment platform

Offering North America investors opportunities in the MENA region and other markets where we operate.