We power up exceptional entrepreneurs that are trying to use technology to solve real problems, accelerating positive change and exponential transformation.
As previous entrepreneurs who have founded, invested and scaled multi-million dollar businesses, we have assembled the ultimate founder-centric platform, one that provides our investees not just with capital but also with resources and expertise to support every phase of the company’s life cycle.

Investments Strategy

Direct investments – Venture capital, Growth Equity, Venture debt. We can design a bespoke financing solution that fits with the stage/type of financing.

Venture building – Building investable, scalable and sustainable business from scratch

Fund investments – LP in Early stage VC funds with co-investment rights

Sector Focus

We invest in all types of software technology sectors, consumer and enterprise.

Geography Focus

Venture building: MENA

Direct investments: MENA or Global with a MENA strategy

Fund investments: Ex- MENA

Stage Focus

We invest in all stages: Seed, Series A, Series B and Growth

We may lead and/or co-invest in a financing round

Transaction Size

Up to $5M

We have the ability to execute larger transactions through the Private Equity division, GMS Holding portfolio companies and/or our investment partners

Hold Period

We are time agnostic with no pressure or need to exit. We know it takes time to build a world-class company and we are your partner for as long as it takes.

Ownership & Activism

Venture capital investment will seek significant minority with influence

Venture building investment will seek majority control

Venture fund investment will seek to be passive

Our Advantages
We have been where you are going

We understand the challenges of the startup journey. More importantly, we know how to help you overcome them.

We bring deep regional and global networks

To help you fast track growth and scale more efficiently, we plug you into our international network and portfolio companies, spread across every major industry and sector with physical presence in over 20 countries.

We do not believe in one-size fits all model

From venture capital to growth equity to venture debt, we can draw on a suite of products to deliver a solution that is right for you and your stage of financing.